Investing 101

How to start


The first thing to do is get educated. It is so easy, but it takes motivation and time. Rome wasn't built in a day, and the same goes for gaining deep knowledge and understanding on the subject of investing. I have read close to 400 investing books, and I find the more you know, the less you realise that you know. The first book I read was Rich Dad Poor Dad, and the rest is history. The quickest way to gain knowledge is to listen to investment audiobooks via Amazon's Audible.  Pro Tip - Depending on the narrator, you can half the time by changing the audio speed.

Trading Account

Open a trading account. There are many out there, but we prefer and for shares, for forex and, and for cryptos.


Before you execute your first trade, expect to lose money, if you are OK with that continue. Remember to succeed; you need to fail, but try to fail small. We had first walk before we could run. There were many falls (failures) along the way before that happened.

Have fun, as that's what it is all about. Don't over-commit financially and go with your ideas. Make sure you only get advice from the right people. Never ask your family and friends for investing advice, and try not to give any either. You need to trust your own decisions, but also don't be afraid to accept you made a mistake and get out. Be like water; your ideas should be flexible as the variables change, so your ideas should change too.

Stay Humble

You are only as good as your last trade, and be mindful that the past doesn't equal the present nor the future, but it sometimes can rhyme. So always stay humble because many losses could be just around the corner.

Information is Key

Top 5 websites which we commonly use:

  1. Zerohedge
  2. Drudge Report
  3. Bloomberg
  4. Seeking Alpha
  5. Financial Times

There are many others like Twitter, forum's for the shares which we currently own and of course, feeds for company announcements/updates from the various stock exchanges (example London Stock Exchange) from all around the world.

Social Media:

We follow many Twitter accounts (more so than news sites as it's first hand-knowledge from trusted, reliable sources), so we have refined our Twitter lists so that you can follow them as well. They are managed daily therefore, they are updated with some of the best content in this space.

  1. @Investorware/Crypto
  2. @Investorware/Investing1
  3. @Investorware/Investing2
  4. @Investorware/General

We highly recommend you use Tweetdeck to manage your Twitter feeds

Marco Events

Make sure you know the days when crucial key market data is released, like rate decisions etc, as this certainly can create vast amounts of volatility in the markets. Think of it as stones being thrown into a pond and the ripples which are created, the news is the stones and the ripples are the volatility. Some stones are bigger than others, so careful attention is required to those, especially as they can create waves.

Happy investing and good luck!

- Investorware

Please note the above is just a help guide and should not be considered investment advice.